Sunday, December 20, 2009

Re:Only 5 days till Christmas

Dear Fellow Christians,
I pray that you are all well and that you are looking forward to Christmas.We have had snow since yesterday so it is very bad over here in Scotland.
What is your weather like?


Rachel and Sarah said...

Here in Virginia (USA) we just got a dusting of snow! I am very excited, for we don't get to have snow often where we live (In south-eastern Virginia) I hope for a white Christmas, but we shall probably not have one. I'm still hoping though! What part of Scotland do you live in? -Rachel

Chris in FL said...

It is finally cooler down in Florida (USA). It had been really nice out around mid 70's during the day. The night are so gorgeous. No need for jackets. We usually wear flip flops and shorts over here. LOL.

Today is a bit chilly about 55 degrees and tomorrow it is supposed to be around the 60's.

I sometimes dream of it snowing just for a few days around Christmas and then it needs to go away. I don't like the cold much. brrrrrr. And then I don't really like the almost 100 degrees in the summer months. HOT!!

HOpe you are feeling better today.