Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy *Belated* 20th Birthday, Zara!

Tuesday July 28th, 2009, was Zara's 20th birthday. Please join with me in rejoicing with her!!

Happy 20th Birthday, Zara!
May you have MANY more years to come!
The Lord bless you exedingly throughout the coming year!
Many Blessings!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Re: Urgent Prayers(I Am Going For A Eye Operation)

Greetings Friends and Fellow Christians,

I wanted to let you know that I was at the Hospital today to see my eye surgeon. I am to have a Operation where he will stiched and close my eye for 3 months,my eye is very sore and dry at the moment I am still having to wear a eye patch at the moment.
I will keep you updated when I know when I am having the Operation.
Have a blessed day!
In Christ,
~Miss Zara