Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy *Belated* 20th Birthday, Zara!

Tuesday July 28th, 2009, was Zara's 20th birthday. Please join with me in rejoicing with her!!

Happy 20th Birthday, Zara!
May you have MANY more years to come!
The Lord bless you exedingly throughout the coming year!
Many Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated-Birthday Zara!

Megan said...


Maureen said...

I didn't know it was your b-day on the 28th Zara! Well, Happy 20th Birthday!

Antoinette K. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Zara!

In Him,

Antoinette K.

Rachel M. said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Zara!

Rachel M.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BITHDAY THAT IS LATE! Okay about being email pals I have to ask my parents and then I will see if I can or not! I HOPE I can.

God bless you in everyway,

Daddy's Little Country Lovin' Computer Nerd said...

HI Zara,
Did you get my email?

Anonymous said...

No I havnt seen them yet. (please dont publish this) But my Dad is in the Hospital becouse he just had a heart attack, but I am going to see them tommorow morning so I will tell you somtime tommorow!

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Zara,

My Parents Think That I am Two Young To coraspond with a twenty year old. I am really really sorry. :(


Miriam said...

Miss Zara, I just wanted to let you know you have been tagged!
Go and pick up the tag at my blog:
Many blessings!

Elizabeth J. said...

So sorry I didn't see this much sooner. Hope your 20th year is wonderful!