Saturday, September 5, 2009

Re:Hello Christian Friends

Dear Fellow Christian Friends,
Wow!!! 2 months since I updated my blog.I was back at College this week(Tuesday and Wednesday)I met my old friends from School so I really enjoy myself.It hasn't been a very good summer for me I was in Hospital(Yuck!!!!)for a eye operation as I took a bells palsy then 3 weeks later I was in a another Hospital where I had a jaw operation as I suffer from TMJ(temporomandibular jaw) I have been in pain for 3 years now.
I go back on the 29th to see the jaw surgeon and the eye doctor on the 22nd,please keep me in your prayers.
Christian blessings to you all


Andrew Clarke said...
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Andrew Clarke said...

Hallo again, Zara. Yes, I have five kids. I sometimes wish we had more, since we have four boys and one girl and it would have been good to have other girls as well; but I'll be thankful for the blessings that we have in those children. Some of them have difficulties to face in life, as their parents did, but helping them through those is part of the Christian parent's mission. Blessings to you.

Andrew Clarke said...

Hallo again, Zara. Just looking at your profile, I see your comment about wearing dresses to church. It struck me, because it seems God made them 'male and female', not interchangeable, and it is good when Christian women can identify as women in the traditional way. That does not mean less than men or inferior to men at all. It means made in God's image just as much as men, but in certain ways different. That's one of the ways the western world has drifted away from a Godly way of life. Certain distinctions that should be made are being ignored. God bless you always.