Friday, February 15, 2013

Four Years!

This month Zara and I (Laura) celebrate four years of friendship. It's amazing that we've known each other that long, and yet at the same time it seems like we've known each other a lot longer. Both of us are so thankful for the way God orchestrated our meeting-- from half-way around the world!

For a fun twist to this "anniversary" post, we decided to each write the story of how we met four years ago... from our individual points-of-view. Hope you enjoy!


It happened during a phone conversation with a dear (mutual) friend in Kansas. Her family runs a Christian sewing business called Lilies of the Field, and they often receive clothing orders from oversees. So during the phone conversation my friend nonchalantly said that she needed to finish writing an email to a girl in Scotland who's family had ordered some dresses. My ears suddenly perked, since I love everything to do with Scotland. :)  She said that this girl, named Zara, was really sweet.

"You think she'd like being friends with me?" I finally stammered. I wasn't sure that was totally appropriate, but I couldn't help myself.

"Yes! I think she'd love that! Should I give her your email address?" 

I responded in the affirmative. I figured that she'd probably forget, but I hoped she wouldn't. Thankfully, she didn't-- and it didn't take long for Zara to take the initiative and write me an email. I was so excited!! I remember my family was astounded- and excited- that someone from Scotland wanted to befriend me. 

I wrote back, then next thing I knew we were chatting via Google. Then Skyping. What started out (for me) as a fascination with all-things-Scottish has bloomed into a very beautiful friendship. I am SO thankful the Lord led our paths to cross. 

Zara has such a sweet, kind spirit. Her patience through trials astounds me sometimes. Even when she is in physical pain she is still always so concerned for others, and keeps her focus on the Lord and His will. She is constantly reminding me where our focus needs to be, in good times and in bad. I'll never stop thanking the Lord for bringing Zara into my life. :)

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, Zara! May God bless you richly!


Four years ago my Mother was searching for modest clothing for my sister and me. She came across a firm in Kansas and the lady that owned it had 5 girls,one of whom I became friends with and it was her who introuced me to Laura Camp. We became internet friends and she has helped me in so many ways. She is a wonderful Christian young lady and we have seen her develop in her faith and abilites,especially in her music and sewing. We love to skype each other and it is great fun to meet her little brother and sisters. Thank you for being my friend and allowing me to meet all your family.
God Bless

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Sarah Simpson said...

Congratulations on four years as friends, Laura and Zara!