Friday, January 1, 2010

Re:Thank you so much Laura

Dear Fellow Christians,
Happy New Year to you all!!!! It been such a blessing to have so many followers following Christian Maidens and I hope you will be blessed through out 2010.I want to thank Miss Laura for sharing this blog and I hope we will continue to share God love with you as 2 young Maidens serving our dear Lord Jesus.
Be Blessed


Miriam said...

Thanks Zara. I hope you will have a good year of 2010 too.

Gwyn said...

Hello Miss Zara!
Happy 2010 to you too!
I've just realized I have not thanked you for following Plain Girl! Well, THANK YOU!!
I love this blog too:)And I think it cool too that you're from Scotland -- I've always wanted to go there, along with Ireland:)
You can be sure you've gained another follower!:D


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 2010 to you too. :)

God Bless You And Your Family,