Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Brother is Officially...

A hair's-breadth taller than me!
Even though it's so hard to accept (for me, at least *giggle* ), my brother has finally passed me in height.  Yes, my almost-thirteen-year-old brother is now a man's size... and practically a man already, too.  Of course, it's wonderful to have a man around the house 24/7! :-) And he's not only a young man now, but he's also... well... *cough*... handsome!
He's a blessing to have as a brother, even if he is taller than me... I guess that's just more reason to feel safe when he's around! :-)
~Miss Laura

1 comment:

halestone said...

don't feel bad! my twin who is 2 minutes older than me is 3 inches taller than me.